All our projects are delivered with partners.  We see again and again that the art of good collaborative working is essential, and hold it as an on-going action enquiry. We are also establishing the conditions for individual autonomy of action by organisations aligned with a shared vision and values.  We seek to lead not through stepping out in front but rather by working alongside others, catalysing and supporting initiatives that lead to stronger, healthier communities.  We freely share knowledge and function as a community of practice.  This community of practice holds us together, builds the ethos of our work and evaluates it, shares stories and evolves together.  Learning is at the core of what we do.  In this first phase of our existence we are building multi-stakeholder partnerships around our four interconnected strands of activity – ecology, arts and design, economy and learning.

Recently, we have been most active in two focus areas – ecology and learning.  We have begun a Watershed Charter project with Westcountry Rivers Trust based on the River Dart and have just completed the second Renewable Energy Experiential Learning programme with Totnes Renewable Energy Society at Park School, Dartington.  1YT is underway, with a design workshop coming up in January 2018.

Drawing courtesy of Park School, from our Making Workshop, “Imagining Microbes”.