Experience first-hand how South Devon is building climate resilience: 9-14 September, 2019

What might a joined-up climate resilience strategy for South Devon look like? What would make this place more resilient, who’s making change happen and where are the nodes, links, and ‘leverage points’? What’s the role of surprising events? Travelling around the bioregion, you’ll meet do-ers… policy makers, academic researchers, river scientists, shell fishers, farmers, landowners, health experts, community innovators and ‘new radicals’.

We’ll be learning collectively, as a group of ‘detectives’ and as individuals, mapping for resilience as we go. We’ll look at how resilient South Devon is now and how that could be measured. Learning from local experience, we will hear how climate change is already having an impact and what responses are being demanded of us. Every sector and each place is facing many challenges.

At the end of each day’s programme we will reflect on how the challenges connect up and how visible they are to people.

You can book for a single day, more than one or all five-and-a-half days. Places are limited, apply to participate.

Cost options: £90 per day (includes lunch and transport) OR £120 per day (includes lunch, transport and dinner with the team).

Programme timing: 9.30am to 6:00pm each day.


Activity across all days:

Making a Timeline “Human Response to Ecosystem Change” with Glenn Page, our bioregional colleague from Maine USA.