What’s new?

• The Dart Watershed Charter project has begun. Working with the South Devon Catchments Partnership and the Community Chartering Network we are pioneering a new approach to water management that involves citizens and communities as well as experts and agencies. The final outcome will be a Charter that sets out what we all care about and value in, on and around the River Dart. It will be a document of rights and responsibilities for citizens and the water itself.

• Having completed the third REEL programme, which included a session on ‘waste as a resource’ with the fabulous Devon Community Recycling Network and a making project to invent new electricity storage devices, we would like to hear from any other primary schools in and around Totnes interested in our multi-activity experience of local renewable energy.

• The 2018 cohort of BLC’s One Year in Transition recently completed the programme’s second meet-up at Coombe Farm Studios, Devon.  They brought their own personal projects to life as they participated in sessions on Action Enquiry, Design, Systems Thinking and Imagination.

Acting Bioregionally: Skillful Interventions for Regeneration of Place and People with Raul de Villafranca and Isabel Carlisle.  This short course at Schumacher College (January, 2018) explored the nested systems of watershed, micro-watershed and nano-watershed with in-depth focus on some practical local projects including The biodynamic farm at Huxhams Cross and Grown in Totnes (Devon-grown grains and pulses).