Vision, Mission, Purpose

The Bioregional Learning Centre sits amongst a network of local people and organisations in South Devon where community innovation, local economics, and regeneration of place is already happening.  Our work is aimed at increasing the scale, pace and efficacy required to make this happen.

The region has the potential to become a centre of excellence in the UK, known for examples where we have changed our relationships with food, water, energy, soil, waste, ecology and economy, seen over time as an interrelated system.

We build partnerships and work in collaborative project teams to design and implement solutions to regional wellbeing and sustainability.  Using best practice techniques for creative engagement we organise design days, get projects off the ground, hold the whole picture, connect people to each other and people to place.

  • We see a flourishing bioregion where we are inspired to find purpose, and where we care for the ecology, economy and culture of this place we call home.
  • We intend to grow a learning network that reflects this region’s uniqueness and through which we collaborate, co-create and tackle real world problems.
  • We believe that by working together in practical and imaginative ways, citizens of South Devon can more effectively look after their natural assets, regenerate regional systems for food, water, energy and waste and enjoy life.