Tools, methods & deliverbles

What We Do

  • Make our invisible local webs of life support systems (food, energy,
    water, fibre, waste removal) visible and valued
  • Create strong containers for multi-sector dialogue that builds a
    new story of our sustainable future
  • Work with communities to map their assets and plan for long-term
    sustainable economies and ecologies
  • Operate as a backbone organisation to connect and support
    organisations of all kinds, as well as communities, on this journey
  • Open up learning pathways for schools, colleges and universities,
    inviting real-world problem-solving
  • Seek out opportunities to practice regenerative design for whole-systems change, telling a new story of place

The Way we Work

  • Advocate for working at bioregional scale and for sustainability is
    all aspects of how this place organises itself
  • Collaborate in design of powerful creative engagement
    processes, tools and events
  • Lead stakeholder mapping with the purpose of building
    collaborative teams for systems change
  • Conduct citizen-voice interviews to hear first-hand peoples’ needs
    as well as dreams
  • Integrate interdisciplinary ways of working