BLC has launched an experiential learning programme with Totnes Renewable Energy Society for primary school students in South Devon about renewable energy in the local landscape.

A 4-day pilot took place during the 2017 summer term at St Christopher’s Prep School, drawing together two ‘silo’ subjects at the school, Science and Design & Technology. REEL includes critical thinking, ideation, hands-on making, site visits and student presentation of learnings.

Park School, one of the longest running alternative schools in the UK, hosted the programme in November 2017, which has expanded to include a session on waste resources with Devon Community Recycling Network and anaerobic digestion.

In March 2018 at Landscove Primary School, the scope evolved again to include a making project to address grid constraints by inventing new electricity storage devices (model-making with recycled packaging).

REEL supplements students’ learning through the expertise of local professionals in sustainability, ecology, technology, design and activism. Exploring local electricity generation makes relevant the abstract subject of renewable energy, showing it’s potential to bring about positive change in the world.


Students at Landscove Primary School invented new electricity storage devices to support the growth of renewables.


Making Day at St Christopher’s kicked off with an energy audit around the school, followed by total freedom in the Design Tech room – students made their own designs for moving water uphill. The day ended outside, with a collaborative exercise in making Archimedes screws. A piece of old guttering collected the water into a watering can.