In the autumn of 2018 Bioregional Learning Centre was invited to be part of a consortium of partners developing Biomimicry materials for pupils aged 12 to 15. Isabel quickly accepted as learning from nature is core to BLC’s approach to learning and we helped establish the foundations for the EU Erasmus Plus project called BioLearn. With 3.8 billion years of design expertise, Nature has a great deal to teach us about designing for a sustainable future.

The first BioLearn meeting was in Hungary in November 2018. Together with partners from the USA, the Netherlands, Hungary, the Czech Republic and Slovakia we began adapting shared materials on designing from nature that will be suitable to use in our own countries. Here in South Devon we found three secondary schools to take part. However, BLC stepped back from the project in 2019 in order to focus on bioregional work. You can read about the evolution of the programme here.

Wild Awake is a not for profit social enterprise. Its purpose is to develop and provide learning which inspires change towards a more sustainable planet, and support people to live healthy and happy lives which respect natural limits. It achieves this through providing learning which reconnects people with the natural world through first-hand experience. It brings educational expertise in terms of curriculum development, writing learning resources, educational strategy, training and consultancy.