One Year in Transition (1YT) was co-designed in 2010-11 by a group of seven people aged 17 to 27 together with Isabel Carlisle who was then Education Coordinator for Transition Network. It was a low-cost, part-time course that supported young adults to make a living by being the change they wanted to see in the world.

Robert Holtom, 1YT graduate

The programme launched in 2012 and became a challenging, hope-filled programme for people (20+) who wanted to make change happen. While the course was born out of the Transition movement for communities self-organising to live in a low-carbon way, we did not define too closely the kind of social change that participants wanted to bring about. Our graduates have ended up doing a wide range of things from story-telling for business to community-supported bread baking.

Our marketing summary read: “Over four week-long meet-ups and eleven months of support in between, you create your future livelihood and develop leadership skills. You also gain confidence, understanding of whole systems and how they function, Regenerative Design tools, hands-on experience of how the Commons and Bioregional working can be game-changers, mentors, contact with outstanding change agents, a whole web of resources and a supportive network of peers who will probably be friends for life.”

Building on the success of the programme, 1YT was also piloted in Portugal and Sweden with our support. The Swedish programme is going strong. Find it here.

The last 1YT UK programme ran in 2017-18 and was one of the ways in which we have been establishing South Devon as a bioregional learning campus. We don’t have any plans at the moment to revive the UK programme.


Students of the 2018 One Year in Transition course building a system of nodes and links based on “Draw How to Make Toast.” All over the world a movement of millions of communities working towards economic and ecological wellbeing is gaining momentum. In that spirit, the 1YT 2018 cohort is focused on problem-solving and creating new opportunities for livelihoods within their own bioregions.

“One of the biggest resources that I got from 1YT was the ability to jump into the unknown…” Lisa Tozer, 1YT 2012-13

“1YT is an amazing opportunity to be immersed in a group of devoted, inspired, creative and progressive young people…” Richard Toogood, 1YT 2012-13

“1YT was vital. It introduced me to storytelling and the storytelling sector.” Robert Holtom, 1YT 2013-14