Interdisciplinary Design

Representing a bioregion and giving it an identity involves a wide range of skills and capabilities: the geographer’s knowledge of mapping; the conservation biologist’s expertise in biodiversity and habitats; the ecologist’s literacy in ecosystems; the economist’s ability to measure flows and leakage of money and resources; the artist’s capacity to represent real-world phenomena in ways that change our perceptions; the designer’s capacity to create platforms that enable regional actors to share and collaborate.

We practice interdisciplinary design – the process of developing design solutions with people of different backgrounds, cultural and professional, where a wider range of needs and requirements are all folded in, producing ideas which are then co-developed.  This approach, where “there is a collective ownership of ideas and everybody takes responsibility for them” (Tim Brown, IDEO) is an ideal way to engage with a very complex system like a bioregion.

We are starting a list of bioregional design deliverables…