Bioregional Learning Centre is delighted to have published their 2018 Annual Review – it tells the story of a hugely exciting 2nd year for the Centre and gives some tantalising clues about what’s coming in the year ahead. Let’s just say that 2019 is already shaping-up to be even more productive…!


We work with flows, systems and relationships. We pay as much attention to what happens between things as the things themselves.

As a backbone organisation, BLC aims to act as a trusted neutral player that is building a shared vision that many stakeholder partners can agree on. We work collaboratively and in a strategic way. So that those two goals do not conflict, we communicate clearly and define our goals clearly.

So that the work we do can regenerate people and place, we direct our actions to be generative: opening up to new possibilities and views, while maintaining boundaries. We aim to stay open and curious in shared enquiry.

We are in the business of difficult conversations at a time of rapid change. That means we practice personal resilience by not taking conflict to heart, but seeing edges as where the new emerges.

Our way of working is what binds us together, is visible to the world around us, and is our strategy for change. We do not have any one methodology, though we can point to many influences and inspirations for our work.



An Edge Place

North West Plymouth is a place of distinct communities where each neighbourhood has its own character: Ernesettle, Tamerton Foliot, Southway, Whitleigh, Widewell, Honicknowle, Derriford West and Crownhill, Manadon and Widey. There are some beautiful walks there...

A Doughnut for Devon?

Let's bite into a Devon Doughnut! On Day 3 of the Regenerate Devon Summit (brilliantly hosted by Local Spark, Plymouth Social Enterprise Network and Essence Social Enterprise Exeter) the chat window was on fire as the Doughnut Economics Action Lab (DEAL) team talked...

Corona Virus For Resilience. The moment we have been waiting for?

As ecosystems around the world collapse; species disappear, rainforests burn and the gap between the rich and poor grows wider, as mental health issues in young people soar and public services are crippled by funding cuts, the work of environmental and community...