Bioregional Design Deliverables

We’re starting a list…

• New ways of being in a place
• Engaging spaces or ways to interact
• Maps of a bioregion’s ecological and social assets
• Ways to illustrate system overlaps and gaps
• Translation of data, evidence or specialist information (like soil erosion) to something understandable
• Things – visuals, plans, diagrams, buildings, exhibitions, websites, posters, charters, models, meetings
• Inspiration; stories, case studies, films, walls, vines… whatever has reach
• New service platforms to help people share resources of all kinds, from land, to time and knowledge
• Novel forms of governance to enable collaboration among diverse groups of people
• Collaborative monitoring of food, water, energy and waste systems, together with feedback loops
• Every bioregion will need its own identity, too – what the bioregion looks like, and feels like, to its citizens and visitors…

(thanks to John Thackara for many of these)