What is the Bioregional Learning Centre…?

The Bioregional Learning Centre works in South Devon in the approximate area of the new Joint Local Plan (Plymouth, West Devon and South Hams) plus Torbay and the Teign Valley. It more or less maps onto the geographical scope of the South Devon Catchments Partnership. However, it defines itself in geographical rather than political boundaries.

It has been set up as a Community Interest Company (CIC) to be a backbone organisation serving the sustainable and resilient future of this area. Our work lies in bringing statutory bodies, NGOs, individuals and communities together to address whole-systems change towards a flourishing bioregion. That means finding practical ways to work collaboratively towards long-term economic and ecological resilience.


Our Vision

A flourishing, resilient, bioregion where we are inspired to find purpose, and where we care for the ecology, economy and culture of this place we call home.


Our Mission

To grow a learning network reflective of this region’s uniqueness through which we collaborate, co-create and tackle real world problems.


Our Purpose

We believe that by working together in practical and imaginative ways, citizens of South Devon can more effectively look after their natural assets, regenerate regional systems for food, water, energy and waste and enjoy life.


Water, food and energy meet our fundamental needs. How many of our basic needs can be met within our natural bioregion? Exploration and mapping of South Devon’s “sheds” is one way to find out.