…one over-riding purpose.

The common purpose that connects everything we do is the long-term resilience of this place and the people that live and work here. Our work lies in bringing many organisations and groups together to address whole-systems change towards a flourishing bioregion.




Four interlocking programmes support the future resilience of this area:

An ecology programme that gives a role to citizens and communities in caring for the environment alongside statutory authorities, landowners and NGOs. Much of the harm to our environment can be lessened if we change our behaviour in the places where we live and work. Our River Charter for the Dart at Dartington is an ecology-led project.

An arts and design programme that gives local people a greater sense of belonging to this region of South Devon, and opens up the question of what it means to be a citizen of this place. Like people, places have a character, an essence. What would those places say if they could speak to us and each other? The Parliament of Waters is our first arts programme, currently in development.

An economy programme that promotes sustainable, low-carbon enterprise as an existing feature of this region and builds on the fact that 80% of Devon’s economy is made up of small and medium-sized businesses. We are learning how to identify the kinds of businesses that would be critical in building long-term resilience.

learning programme that offers direct experience of real-world problem-solving in the context of sustainable economies and ecologies. Together with Plymouth University we are applying for South Devon to be a learning region for sustainability that is part of the United Nations University.


The Buckfastleigh Wool Gathering where Isabel facilitated a conversation on “our future as a resilient wool community”.