Who we are



Isabel Carlisle, Founder

Isabel leads the team that is bringing the Bioregional Learning Centre into being.  She jokes that she started her career around 250,000 years ago as a student archaeologist and is now working her way into the future.  She is Education Coordinator for Transition Network and has created two new programmes: Schools in Transition and One Year in Transition (1YT), an informal and challenging training in social change for over 20s that is now being replicated abroad.  Isabel is a co-founder of the Community Chartering Network.  Read about Isabel’s extensive experience in the arts.

Jane Brady, Director

As a director with Totnes Renewable Energy Society, Jane has developed expertise in community-owned energy, getting to know the landscape and culture of the South Devon bioregion along the way.  She is currently designing California Trout’s ‘SOS’ report on threatened wild fish species in California.  The Eel River in Humboldt County is ‘a different kettle of fish’ to the Dart in Devon but the challenges we face are similar and multi-stakeholder conversations are now essential.  Jane’s experience in the design world brings to BLC an agility around implementing ideas that work.


Stewart Wallis
“We need to stop seeing ourselves as consumers and owners and start seeing ourselves as caretakers and creators.” stewart@nexteconomy.org.uk

John Thackara
To do things differently, we need to see things differently. doorsofperception.com

Pamela Mang
The world is complex.  We need to stop dumbing it down.  The current state of our world requires us to work hard to fully understand the complexity of living systems and to design elegant approaches that honor and appreciate that complexity. regenesis.com

Jonathan Dawson
This is a particularly exciting time… you can almost smell the revolution… we have an opportunity to change the way that we as a society learn. www.schumachercollege.org.uk/about/jonathan-dawson